Delivery Times & FAQ

How long will it take to get my order?

(Mask) It takes 2 days to complete your order, All orders can take up to 4 days for delivery.

(Socks) It takes 1-2 days for us to design and make your custom socks. Once shipped, you can expect delivery in 1 to 2  days, Anywhere in South Africa.

. How do I upload my photo? 

In the store click on the item you would like to buy, before you check out you will see a image upload button, upload your image from your device, Please make sure the image is taken in good light and is in good resolution.

. Will the ink fade over time?

 We use a high quality printing process called sublimation. If you care for your socks properly, they will remain vibrant and comfortable after numerous washes!

. Can I put a human face or another thing on the sock?

 Yes! Our designers will make sure to crop everything else in your photo out.

. Do you just do dogs? 

Nope! Any living creature, we can do.

. What is the best way to wash my socks, Shirts and pillows? 

We recommend washing them inside-out inside cold water. When drying, tumble dry low. Washing your socks with other clothing will not affect its quality.